Initially, when I decided to run 1000 kilometers within 100 days, I felt it would be very easy. A daily 10-kilometer average is nothing for a runner.

At that time, I still had shin splint pain in my left leg from being injured during the Mumbai Marathon (organized on January 23). As per the advice of Nitin Saini, ground injuries always heal on the ground. So, instead of making any more excuses for my injuries, I decided to go back to the ground.

I decided the starting date of my running challenge would be April …

My First Full Marathon

After taking almost 3 days of rest from the Mumbai Marathon, I want to thank my two main mentors who encouraged me on this journey. I am writing this message from the Arambol Goa beach

1. Harsh M Rajdeep (physiotherapist)
2. Shakti Singh Hada (My Coach)

These two people played a very important role in my running journey.

My running journey began in August 2022 (Trail Run Event: August 5th, 22). I had never heard of the marathon until the trail run event. After the Trail Run event, I started to run daily for 5 kilometers. (with the guidance of …