How do I invite friends to my Facebook Page

Processor to invite friends on Facebook page:

Open Page’s admin panel Click Build Audience

invite friends to  Facebook Page

Select Invite Friends…

invite friends to my Facebook Page

A pop box will appear on your screen. Use the dropdown menu to choose a list or select Search All Friends. Next, scroll through your friends and check the boxes next to the names of the people you want to invite. You can also search for friends in the menu’s search box. When you’re done selecting friends, be sure to click Submit to send your friends invitations to your Page.

invite friends to my Facebook Page

invite friends to my Facebook Page

Enhance Your Social Network On Twitter

Social Network On Twitterr

The impact of social media is growing day by day. Today’s people are using social media platforms to reach out globally and enhance their social appearance and their network. It has been become a cheapest way to have attention of your target audience at your brands.

Today a latest trend has become “Tweets”. People are now addicting towards Twitter. They likes to tweet about everything what they are seeing in their surrounding.

Twitter is a mirco-blogging network which invites its users to answer a simple question: What are you doing? This question is answered in 140 characters or less. The interesting thing about twitter is that it is not a one to one type of communication tool, it’s a one to many communication tool. So, you can send a message out, instantly to an entire community ready to respond in seconds.

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A new way of TV marketing

tv marketing

TV has become almost a dirty word today’s marketing world. Most people, Especially the younger generations, seems to be spending all their time online. So who is watching TV.

Yes, agreed that we all love watching TV. But do we love watching Ads? Do we notice the zillion of them shown during the break? Actually, it’s the “Breaks” that are a problem and not the TV! Like in life, So in Marketing , we spend most of our time thinking of “Break”, be in the break up, or the big beak, or the lunch break-or for marketing men, the commercial break!

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Entrepreneurs are difficult to teach, but they do learn!


Entrepreneurship has become a latest trend among the enthusiastic Indian youth. Most of them are not interested now to work for someone else. Because Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else. But a major question is harassing me these days, does degree play a vital role to be an entrepreneur and has your own business?

I am not a MBA. But my passion and enthusiasm and ability to learn dynamically, developing all require things to be a success entrepreneur. In last couple of weeks i am meeting myriad number of entrepreneur, who are not a MBA, but doing a great job in their field.

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Education Should Liberate You From The Past

Education is a process of liberation, but it has not been actualised anywhere in the world.

Liberation means liberating the mind from the past, from theologies and political ideologies, liberating the mind in such a way that when a student comes out of education he is just a clean pure seeker with no prejudice.

That beautiful sentence at the gates of the universities in India, `ya vidya sa vimuktaye’ — `education is that which liberates’ –, shows how man can be unaware. Liberation becomes impossible when the university itself has a certain prejudice, a certain programme to put into the minds of the students. So first dissolve Hindu, Muslim, Jaina, Catholic — these names, from the universities. Secondly: India… has more than one hundred universities, which is meaningless… The result is that the standard of education goes on falling. When you have so many universities you cannot get the best as professors…

Just because somebody has a university degree does not mean that he becomes automatically capable of teaching. Teaching is a totally different art. Passing an examination is one thing; to teach, you need to be articulate, you need to have a vast range of knowledge. I mean not only the textbooks that you have read in the university, you have to be constantly in touch with the growing knowledge.

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