Followed my dream to potential & started second venture

After the failure of Raiden Life Style, my father became more concerned about my future. I promised him to bring back the money I took as a loan and pay him within a very short time and succeeded in recovering thirty percent of money just by selling back the raw material. I am happy that I have recovered seventy percent of the money I lost till now and shall clear it within a short time.

Raiden Design Xpress was started as two parallel companies – one for providing design services and another as a Lifestyle Product line. Fortunately, Raiden Design Xpress’s design wing was doing good. Considering this, my father advised me and my brother to close the product line completely and focus on design wing only which required very small investment. When Raiden Design Xpress started growing and good business kept coming up to keep my brother busy, I chose to walk my own way with the wealth of experience I had earned in last one year.

I expressed my desire to my brother for which he too agreed and transferred my entire forty percent share to him. I am happy that Raiden Design Xpress is now doing good and at the same time applaud my brother’s decision and showing the courage to start business in the middle of his job with his own family to take care.

I had no idea after leaving Raiden Design Xpress about what should I do. My father asked me to find a good job in an IT company or apply for admission in an MBA program at any business institute. But, I was thinking of doing something of my own and that too in the IT industry. It was not going to be easy as I hardly knew any HTML or CSS. For about sixty days I read about HTML and Web designing by searching through Google and learning from W3School. I was confident of my creativity, designing and visual skills to help me become the best web designer in the market. I started an IT company and named it Sainfoinc Technology.

My parents are strong believers in astrology. After studying my horoscope, our family Pundit asked my parents to allow me to start my venture. I welcomed his decision and was delighted to start the new venture this time with the approval of my father. The Pundit suggested me to name my company in such a way that the first three letters of the name should be ‘Sai’. Now, it was a big challenge for me to find out a perfect name which should sound decent and have first three letters after ‘Sai’. I gone through dictionaries for three days and found a word ‘Sainfoin’. It said that the Sainfoins are Eurasian perennial herbs of the legume family and they look beautiful.

An Italian numerologist friend helped me match this name with my numbers. She asked me to introduce “c” in the end and it became Sainfoinc.

I didn’t had sufficient funds to start the venture. It required approximately twenty five thousand rupees to open a corporate bank account and registration. My entire hard earned money from Raiden Design Xpress was already spent on daily expenditure. This time I was not willing to borrow any more money from my father as I had already lost huge sum in Raiden Life Style. Fortunately, my mom offered me help and invested her savings in my company. Thus, my mother became the first investor in my second venture.

After completing all necessary formalities, I received Government Corporate Certificate for “Sainfoinc Technology Pvt Ltd”. My father asked me to consult the pundit again about the best date to launch the business. When the Pundit reviewed my horoscope again, he shouted at me and asked me to change my mind. He suggested me to go for a job instead of starting the business because the stars were now in favour of a job and I would be tremendously successful there. I was shocked after getting this response from Pundit. I questioned him why he didn’t inform me earlier when he asked my father to allow me to starts my venture. Anyway, I asked him that I am going to start my business at any cost and will not change my mind and requested him to kindly suggest me any suitable date to launch my venture. After my request, he suggested 28th January, 2012. It was the day of ‘Basant Panchami’ and Saturday. According to him, ‘Planet Shani’ is my good friend and will be in my favour always. He even suggested me do Pooja of Lord Shani on every Saturday so that my business grows and prospers. Thus, Lord Shani became the first sympathizer of my business venture.

Finally on 28th January, 2012 I launched my second venture and hosted its website on server. Initially, I preferred to work alone in my company and hired freelancers. My first office was my bed room in my hometown Kota. Again, my professional and social media contacts were handy and I got two projects within fifteen days. My first two projects were just Rs. 1000 and Rs. 3500 respectively. Since then, I have increased the price of my services based on the customer requirement, quality and quick customer support. Now I am charging an average of Thirty Five Thousand Rupees per project at Sainfoinc and the biggest value project was about Rs. 1,80,000.

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