Entrepreneurs are difficult to teach, but they do learn!


Entrepreneurship has become a latest trend among the enthusiastic Indian youth. Most of them are not interested now to work for someone else. Because Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else. But a major question is harassing me these days, does degree play a vital role to be an entrepreneur and has your own business?

I am not a MBA. But my passion and enthusiasm and ability to learn dynamically, developing all require things to be a success entrepreneur. In last couple of weeks i am meeting myriad number of entrepreneur, who are not a MBA, but doing a great job in their field.

According to me, to be an entrepreneur is to be a man of ideas and vision, this is something that comes from one’s inner self. who sometimes may come up with the worst possible idea and fail, yet have the guts to try them out, then try again, you don’t get that from a degree. Class room learning just gives an idea but not a practical knowledge. It is not a must to have a degree to start a venture. We see that many school dropouts and illiterates are blooming as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship needs learning through experience and not learning experience. Degree cannot teach risk tolerance or luck.

Degree definitely facilitate to learn aptitude and attitude for entrepreneurship. It plays a vital role to survive in entrepreneurial life. By the help of them you will be exposed to the ocean of business. Thereafter, it depends upon you how to use that your ocean of knowledge for your success as entrepreneur. Knowledge always pays. Application of knowledge needs sharpening the skill. Education gives knowledge. Knowledge when chiseled and hammered well becomes wisdom. Wisdom gives success.

However if you want to start a business in technology and in IT, a degree in those subjects could give an entrepreneur a great advantage. You are never at a loss if you get an education formally or informally as long as it leads you to become a better and more productive individual. Too many people have great ideas but no idea on how to go about finding the financing, what goes into a business plan and how to implement that plan. Management Degree can make it easy to learn about make a strong business plan and strategy of managing all resources in a company. An entrepreneurial degree would certainly provide a foundation for building someone’s dream.

But Innovation can’t be taught, and entrepreneurship doesn’t come from getting a degree. I am learning from my mistakes. I am reducing my risks by improving analytical skill. So i am being stronger day by day through my practical experience. I do believe, Degree can play significant role to boost up your managerial skill. But degree can not boost up your innovation skill. So being entrepreneur, first we need to be a highly innovator.

I’m not sure that any paper degree can adequately prepare you for being an entrepreneur. The best degree you can get is the one from the “School of Hard Knocks” where you go through it yourself and succeed/fail and learn. There will be always plenty of opportunity in entrepreneurship for “hard knocks.” I know plenty of people who’ve been to business school and aren’t good entrepreneurs because it’s an education based on theories and simulated real-life scenarios. But, non-simulated, real-life scenarios are where you learn. A person has a degree doesn’t necessarily mean that this person is intelligent enough to become an entrepreneur or anything else. Because number of factors works simultaneously to be an entrepreneur. Some of these are Discipline, Passion for Business and Risk ability to take risks.

If you have a good idea and you are passionate about it. I recommended you go for it. Because Dhirubhai Ambani Said ” Think big, Think fast, Think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly ” and Albert Einstein said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ”

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