Worst Experience with my first client

In the early stage of Sainfoinc, i.e. within 7 days, I got an Indian client’s query for a major project. The client found me through LinkedIn. She had two more persons in her team. One was working in an eminent law firm and other two guys were working in a reputed US based IT company. I agree that I wrongly stipulated the timeline and costing of the project. I quoted her Rupees Twenty Five Thousand and committed to complete the project in thirty days only. The deal was finalized on the total sum of money and not on hourly basis.

I also made mistake while analysing the client’s requirements. After asking for quotations on similar projects from other Indian companies, I found its average market cost was around Rs. 1,50,000 and the time required to complete this kind of project was at least two months. But because of lack of knowledge of market price trend and the development phase of product at that time this mistake happened. I wanted to deliver my best possible efforts and quality on this project. This project could have been the first major project in my portfolio, so I decided to complete this project within the deadline with my team (I had two dedicated freelancers working for Sainfoinc at that time). My team required about twenty days more to complete this project but the client was not patient enough. She and her team members started to ask for the project every day after the expiry of the deadline. But the most uncomfortable and unacceptable thing was that they were cross the limits of decency during conversation. This helped in spoiling our relationships further. I did not expect this from these seemingly professional guys from India’s top firms. At last after the completion of about 80% of the project, I decided to quit and returned back the advance money. As per the terms and conditions, client had released 50% of the total amount after finalization of the mock-up website.

Yes, when the client started using disrespectful words, I request them to be professional. This is quite personal that during the last conversation with my client, I was in Mumbai at Hinduja Hospital. A very close relative of mine was admit there and was suffering from serious illness. My client insisted that they wanted to meet me immediately. I informed them about my condition and asked them to give me four days to be available in Delhi and settle the issue. But then they started showing their unprofessional attitude which was unacceptable to me in a business relationship. So I decided to quit the project and suffered financial losses. I had already paid remuneration to the hired freelancers.

This conversation with the client happened before returning the advance money. Seriously I was not at all willing to work anymore on their project for the client. While returning the advanced money to them, they tried to convey me indirectly to continue on this project or refer them some freelancer who would like to work on this project. I was just expecting them to apologize for their behaviour. I knew very well that nobody would work on their project at this low price. Probably they too had realized it. I was sure that 80% ready script can be resold in future to recover the financial losses I had incurred on this project.

I wasn’t interested to work anymore on this project after this incident. They were pressurizing me after completion of the project’s deadline to complete it within five days. I always try to deliver best quality end product to my customer. I knew it would require about twenty more days to complete the project and tried to convey the same to them. But they had already lost their patience and the level of decency. Possibly, they had already announced the launching date of their website without confirming me. When they started to use disrespectful words during telephonic conversations, I decided to quit from this project and sell the entire coding to a future client at the same price. I was quite confident that in future someone will surely ask for a similar kind of project query and after partial changes in coding I would be able to deliver them within a short time. Fortunately, after just four months of this incident, I got a client who required a similar project with some changes in the website’s functionality. I grabbed the opportunity and sold the entire project to him, recovered the financial losses and even earned some profit on it. I sold him at $1000.

After this incident, the client is still not able to hire another agency or freelancer. Till today they are running their old website on their domain. Because of Sainfoinc’s privacy policy, I can’t share the client’s name or the details of their website with you. I always try to respect our client’s privacy and never disclose any private details with anyone.

After losing that client, I was quite disappointed but this incident did not create any negative image of my company in the market. On the suggestion of a lawyer friend, before returning the advance money to them, I asked them to sign a mutual agreement letter to finally settle this issue. After that agreement, they shall not be able to take any legal action against my company or spread any wrong words.

After this incident, within a short time I received a new query from another LinkedIn connection and I forget that bad experience within no time and got busy with new spirit on the new project and completed it within the decided time frame. I am happy that my clients are satisfied with my work and appreciate me for the same. You might like to read the LinkedIn recommendations at Sainfoinc’s LinkedIn page at http://linkd.in/17r081j

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