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tv marketing

TV has become almost a dirty word today’s marketing world. Most people, Especially the younger generations, seems to be spending all their time online. So who is watching TV.

Yes, agreed that we all love watching TV. But do we love watching Ads? Do we notice the zillion of them shown during the break? Actually, it’s the “Breaks” that are a problem and not the TV! Like in life, So in Marketing , we spend most of our time thinking of “Break”, be in the break up, or the big beak, or the lunch break-or for marketing men, the commercial break!

Not for life, but yes, an interesting innovation seems to be happening for marketing men. It’s called “virtual advertising”. A digital image of the product/brand appears on TV screens while one is viewing a sports match or a programme.

Advertisers don’t need to wait for the commercial break, where chance of getting lost very high. They can now digitally and very creatively can put their ads during the show. If you need to build a big brand, you have to think “TV”. Use your creativity to “Virtually” rise up from the clutter. A new way is of course to air your advertisement “break ke pehle”-before the break! It works!

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